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The Tupelo Bridge, the most aesthetically pleasing, cost effective, removable temporary bridge available for implant temporary teeth.

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Dental Forms

All the forms you will need, here available for download.

These instructions must be read along with the patient at delivery time.
Please read these instructions to follow steps we require from you to properly fabricate a Tupelo Bridge.

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Introducing the Tupelo Bridge!

The Tupelo is a new product which is fully trademarked. It is primarily used as a temporary tooth after an extraction for a dental implant patient. It is not a full Essix appliance. Patients who have tried the Tupelo rave about it. We are confident in stating that it is the finest temporary bridge available. Our dental lab is located in Strafford, NH. We are currently offering one to four teeth replacements. Please call for pricing. Also make sure that the adjacent teeth are not mobile due to periodontal disease. Make sure the patient has enough healthy teeth to chew with away from the Tupelo to avoid fracturing the appliance.

We offer two types of Tupelo appliances as follows:

  1. Open Tupelo - this appliance is 1mm thick designed with an open occlusion. It may have circumferential or rounded full facial and lingual clasps. This is determined by each individual case. Open occlusion on the posterior teeth means the Tupelo does not cover the occlusal surface where the teeth come into contact.
  2. Closed Tupelo - This appliance is 1mm thick. The adjusting of the occlusion is done in our lab, so there may be areas where the occlusion has holes on the contact points. The Closed Tupelo should not be utilized by a patient who is a bruxer or clencher.

We also offer Tupelo’s with ovate pontics.

For graft sites, where no pressure can be placed on the tissue, we can add block out to relieve any pressure while healing. Please note this in the Case Description of the Lab Prescription.

Dental Office Instructions for the Tupelo Bridge

Step 1

Determine which tooth or teeth the Tupelo appliance is being fabricated for. Make sure that the adjacent teeth are not mobile or have bone loss. Make sure the patient has enough healthy teeth to chew with away from the Tupelo to avoid fracturing the appliance. Select the multi-tray (anterior or posterior), which will center the designated teeth in the impression.

Step 2

Create a Vinyl Polysiloxane(VPS) impression of the selected teeth. The impression material you select should be less rigid and have light body, which will capture fine detail. Alginate or Bite Registration substitutes are not acceptable. The impression must have precise margins along the cervical of the teeth, as well as 2 to 3mm of the gingiva around the teeth involved. Make sure there are no drags in the impression around any of the teeth involved. This also allows us to create several models from this impression. You may send us an opposing model.

Step 3

Take a bite registration.

Step 4

Select a shade using the Classical Vita Shade Guide. Do not use the Denture Tooth Shade Guide. If, for example, the tooth is between shade A1 and A2, note this in the lab prescription and we will blend the two shades. If the tooth has multiple shades, please note on the lab prescription's tooth diagram using the sample below:


Step 5

Enclose a photo of the patient’s smile if an anterior tooth or teeth are being fabricated. This can help us mimic multiple shades of the designated tooth or teeth.

Step 6

Complete lab prescription including Due Date. Keep in mind when setting this date that you should ask for the due date 1 day before the patient's appointment. Enclose the impression and bite registration, and include photo if necessary. Please check appropriately for an Open or Closed Tupelo. Also, if an Ovate Pontic, Implant case, or Graft Site is required, please check appropriately on the Lab Prescription. For Graft sites, where no pressure can be placed on the tissue, we can add block out to relieve any pressure while healing.

Step 7

Send the lab case to the following address:
Tupelo Dental, LLC
270 Roller Coaster Road
Strafford, NH 03884

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Tupelo Dental Lab at (603) 664-3152.

Unconditional Guarantee

Tupelo Dental stands behind every appliance we fabricate. If, for any reason, the Tupelo is not acceptable at the time of receipt or at the time of insertion, we shall replace the appliance at no charge. Simply return the Tupelo with an explanation of the problem and your request for replacement with a new impression.

Tupelo Warranty

The Tupelo you purchased is warranted against defects in workmanship and materials. In the event of unsatisfactory material performance, complete replacement of the Tupelo is covered under warranty for 30 days.

Tupelo Warranty does not apply to cash refunds, lost wages or pain and suffering, cost incurred by another lab, if the Tupelo has been altered from its original, Tupelo is ill-fitting due to accident, neglect or abuse, not following patient care instructions, dental changes or improper oral hygiene.

To validate the Tupelo Warranty, the following condition must be met:

The original Tupelo must be returned with a new lab prescription and a new impression.

Contact Tupelo Dental, LLC at (603) 664-3152 if you have any questions or concerns.

Lab Turnaround Time

Lab turnaround time is 7- 14 business days on most cases. Business days do not include weekends and holidays.

If you need your case in a hurry, please call ((603) 664-3152) Tupelo Dental, LLC for confirmation of rush service. Shipping is done through US Postal Service.

You pay for delivery to our lab. We pay for return to your dental office. If a rush is required we recommend Priority Mail Express, which is a money back guaranteed overnight delivery service.

Send Lab Case to the following address:

Tupelo Dental, LLC

270 Roller Coaster Road

Strafford, NH 03884

Payment Options & Terms

Credit Cards: We accept American Express, Discover, Master Card and Visa.

Other: Debit Card and business check. A $30 fee will be charged for each returned check. (Prices are subject to change).

Customer Service/ Support

Phone Number: (603) 664-3152

 Hours: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (EST) Monday - Thursday.

 Email: [email protected]