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Tupelo™ Testimonials

People who have tried the Tupelo™ rave about it. You will, too.

Darren Boles, DDS

Linda L.

"I have a fairly active social life. So when I was told that it would be a minimum of six months between the time I had my tooth extracted and a dental implant put in, I said 'Are you kidding?!' I couldn't imagine hiding in the house for six months.

I had already tried the Maryland Bridge in the past -- and it was too cumbersome. I was in constant fear that it would break if I bit on something hard, or dislodge if I clenched or ground my teeth.

The Tupelo literally saved me. I could go out to eat in public and talk normally, without feeling self-conscious. I loved it. I ended up wearing it for eight months, and it saved me financially, too."

Robert Lipkowitz, DDS

"I have had the opportunity to use the Tupelo Bridge transitional partial denture on several patients. My patients have found it very natural and comfortable looking and feeling. From the dentist point of view I have found the fits to be exceptional with minimal to no adjustment necessary at a very reasonable price. Tupelo labs service has been excellent. I would highly recommend the Tupelo Bridge for your transitional needs."

Ruth S.

"The Tupelo Bridge made it possible for me to laugh and smile confidently at my son's wedding. My best friend couldn't even tell I had a tooth removed."

Rachael G.

"You don't even know it's there... and no one else can tell, either."

Melissa M.

"Tupelo Dental, Thank you so much for helping me in my time of need! Rushing service for anything is impossible on most avenues, however Tupelo Dental worked all night to make my Tupelo. I am bi coastal and was in dire need of this item, the entire process was three days, I am so thankful for your services. The actual Tupelo is perfect, you can't tell the difference from my original tooth, even the color is perfect. Thank you for going the extra mile and being there to help me. Your truly an amazing lab!"